Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prayer for a Beautiful Day

I hope all these beautiful flowers are still in bloom for the wedding! Especially the hydrangeas! Aren't they gorgeous? I have been out in the yard for the past 2 days weeding and raking and seeding and watering! That storm last week really wreaked havoc on my yard. I'm so worried about the weather on Wedding Day. It has been so awful this summer, I don't feel our chances are very good. Hopefully, my mom will pull some strings up there in heaven!

We have worked so hard on the yard and the patio to get it wedding ready but I keep having this vision of rain and wind and candles all over the house and people standing up eating their dinner. But I've already told Jenni--if it happens, it happens! We have a big downstairs and upstairs, with 2 kitchens and we can still string lights, and hang lanterns, and light a million candles and clear the furniture for a dance floor. It will still happen and it will still be fun--just not how we pictured it.

But oh please let us pray for a beautiful day!

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