Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lanterns and Lights

Jenni and Jose have gone camping for the weekend. Jenn read somewhere that the bride and groom should plan a get away in the weeks before the wedding--as a way to relieve tension and stress. What, may I ask, should the mother-of-the-bride who is hosting the wedding at her home do to relieve stress? Plant grass seed? Cut out paper fans? Go over the seating chart? The guest list? The food shopping list? The day-before-the wedding cooking schedule? Or maybe add up all the feet of lights and take measurements and figure out exactly how to string all these twinkly lights and mango lanterns?!

The wedding is only three weeks from tomorrow and we've been planning for a year now! The first idea for the reception included lots of little white lights, candles and Chinese paper lanterns. Originally, we thought wedding white, but then I thought, why not add some color?--Jose is from Guatemala and Spanish weddings are supposed to be a fiesta, a celebration! So they decided on mango! Sweet! It goes with the yellow-orange summer colors and will really add some pop to the back yard.
But who is going to string them? Where exactly will they go? When will we do it? And will there be enough?

I hope Jenni has a fabulous stress-free weekend by the campfire with her fiancee, her sister and her fiancee (they have vowed to not talk weddings--yeah right!), because when she comes home, we only have three weeks left to get all these details figured out!

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