Sunday, July 12, 2009

Project: P A T I O

Here it is! In the making--the last big project before the wedding! The patio beneath the deck. I had three major projects I needed to accomplish before the wedding. The first was to refresh the bathroom--this was considerably easy; all that was required was some paint, new cabinet hardware, material and a good scrubbing. Check. Second was to install sliders from the dining room onto the deck. Check. The third was to finish off the area beneath the deck by installing a patio. This is where we'll set up the buffet tables and the overhang will serve as the dance floor.

After an estimate of over $6,000. by a friend and mason (with a discount!), I opted to go it alone. Well, not really alone--my son Nathan is the powerhouse of this project. Last week, he dug up the area; yesterday, he and Jose raked out the sand; today he'll compact it with a machine and tomorrow, he'll lay out the pavers! I'm so excited! Estimated total cost: between $500 and $600.00!

It is the one project that will really transform the yard. I'm going to re-pot these beautiful white impatiens in patio pots for the corners. What a sense of relief! It was the one project I wasn't certain we could actually make happen. Thank you Nathan!!!!!

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