Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Flowers! The last major detail to order. Like everything else, we are going it alone in the floral department as well. I love flowers, probably more than anyone I know, but why pay someone an extraordinary fee to put them together when we can do it ourselves!? One advantage to having a garden wedding is having the natural environment contribute to the floral decor. Jenni and I are ordering roses (all roses to make it simple) on line--still a little uncertain with which site exactly, but we have it narrowed down to Potomac Floral and The Flower Exchange

These are some pics we are using for inspiration; the idea is soft and romantic and even though we wish we could add in lots of other beautiful flowers (peonies are my fave), it will be easier and cheaper to stick with just roses, and just as lovely I think. What flower says summer or romantic more than the rose? For that summer color palate, we decided on white, cream, pale yellow and a soft summery orange. To add a beachy feeling, we are adding in a few sprigs of bear grass.

There are a million places to go for instructions on making your own bouquet. Basically, you'll need floral wire and tape, satin ribbon and pearl-headed pins. Try this link on JRRoses or check out these video instructions on youtube.

These pics are just for inspiration of course, but something about the all white one below really captures my fancy for the bride. We'll see.

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