Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shower Snapshots

The shower was a raving success! And the deck made the perfect setting for the celebration! Even the weather cooperated--warm with just enough cloud cover so that we didn't fry! This is the Reception Table in the corner of the deck.

Jennifer and Jose's Engagement photo along with a picture of my mom (who passed away this past April)on the beach when she was just 27, one year older than Jennifer.

The only flowers I purchased was a $6.99 bouquet of yellow and white daisies from Shaws that I broke up into smaller bunches and single bud vases.

Instead of a big floral bouquet, I just stuck my two silk dragonflies in the sparse vase of artificial white tulips already in place on my dining room table. I think it made the perfect centerpiece; it really showcased the dragonflies and kept them from getting lost in a bunch of flowers.

Door Prizes I wrapped in brown paper, stamped with a chocolate dragonfly stamp, and tied with a yellow ribbon. We drew names from the wish bowl at the end of gift opening.

My behind-the-scenes angels: son Nathan, niece Katharine and daughter, Bethany.

Me! In the kitchen prepping the chicken-pineapple skewers trying not to panic about the time!

The table with the appetizers waiting for the guests to arrive!

I had a separate table set up in the corner near the sliders for beverages.

Jake the dog wondering what all the fuss is about!

Somehow, jello shots made it into my classy bridal shower! O well, at least they stuck with the green color scheme. . .

My Jenni arrives and I turn to mush!

Jose pinning on Jenni's corsage--getting nervous yet?

The happy couple with their moms.

Lunch was a huge hit! The only left overs: cole slaw and a few dragonfly sugar cookies.

Jenni with Amanda, Katharine, Bethany and cousin Amanda.

The amazing dragonfly cake!

Jenni and Jose before cutting the cake.

After a little surprise Newlywed Game (we had to have some surprises . . .)where we had Jenni answer questions we asked Jose in advance, the gifts! Incidentally, they were a perfect match on the questions--must be made in heaven!

David and the Groom, Jose, looking on.

There wasn't a dry eye when Jenni opened a gift from her grandmother who passed away just two months ago.

Jenni with a birdhouse David made and I hand-painted with dragonflies and white apple blossoms to match her shower invitations. It also has this "Jenni + Jose" heart painted on the back--how cute!

The Bride and her fam.

The Groom and his fam.

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