Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two Weeks!!!

Well, the wedding is only 2 weeks from today! And we are really crossing things off the list. Nate is finishing up the patio today--that's him with the shirt around his head, the earphones in his ears and the trowel in his hand! Thank you Nate! It has been on going because of the weather, but I think we should have it in dance floor condition by the ninth.

The photo below is a mock set up of the bride and groom's table. Of course, there will be flowers and a candle as well, but I was just playing with the set up. We're using real china and real silverware for the bride and groom--and I found the glasses at Pier 1--the champagne glasses have a pretty flowery print on them that's hard to see in the photo. They were on sale for $5.98 a piece! And the goblets (for $8.00 a piece) were just irresistible!

Now is the time for organization. We have just spent months and months of stock-piling--now we are sorting and seeing just what we have. I have a bunch of boxes so we can sort: table set ups, the bride and groom table, cheese and cracker display, salad stuff etc.

Two weeks!!! I can't believe it! So much checked off the list and so much left to do!

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