Monday, July 13, 2009

Hair & Make Up Trial Day!

This morning, my good friend Kiley, who I worked with for more than 7 years and is the most AMAZING hair stylist, came over to the house to do a hair and make up trial for Jenni. It was such fun! Jenni had this sheet of hair ideas printed out to show Kiley, and then Kiley got to work with her magic wand, a fabulous new curling iron she just got. An hour and a half and a few pins later, voila! Perfect romantic beach wedding hair! Kiley's letting Jenni borrow her pretty sparkly hair comb (that takes care of the "something-borrowed")that a few tiny white flowers may accompany on wedding day.

Jenni's not a big make up girl so Kiley stayed on the natural side, covering the darkness under Jenni's eyes (which she hates!) and enhancing her natural beauty. The brown eyeliner really made her blue eyes pop and a little pink gloss finished off that soft romantic glow!

Thank you Kiley! You are the best!

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