Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Cheap but Chic Bride Ensemble

The Dress:
I purchased this dress online from David's Bridal over a year and a half ago (Yes, it really did arrive at my door in this white box-a wedding dress!).  It was intended for my daughter, Jenni, who passed on it for a dress she had her heart set on.  No worry.  I only paid $179.99 for it on sale!  I just couldn't pass up a bargain like that! And I adored it! The vintage look, the lace and sparkle, the cut and the flow of it--just darling!  So . . . when Bethany told me she was getting married in just 3 weeks time, I took it out of the closet, and with a little altering, it fit her beautifully!

The Shoes: I think the shoes are the only thing Bethany purchased for this outfit besides the garter, and what a bargain!  She found these classic white peep-toe pumps at Payless for $24.95!  They were just perfect with this dress!
The Clutch & the Hankie:  Both the classic white clutch and the tatted hankie are the same that Jenni used in her ensemble.  Both belonged to my mom who passed away in April, so it was very special to both girls to have a part of their grandmother with them on their wedding day.  I remember my mom using this clutch every time she attended a wedding--and the hankie was hand-tatted by her mother, my grandmother!

The Pearls:  The pearls were also borrowed--from me!  I've had these pearls for years and they were the perfect compliment to this classic vintage dress.  Anything too glitzy would not do--pearls fit the bill!
The Hair Comb:  We knew we wanted something vintage looking for her hair, which was curled into a soft and sassy  bob on the wedding day, but we didn't have a lot of time, and everything I found was just too expensive.  So again, we borrowed! (I am a huge fan of borrowing for weddings!) This is from my friend Kiley, who is also a phenomenal hair stylist (and did both the girl's hair on their wedding days).  It ended up being perfect!

The Garter:  Just for fun, Beth picked up a pretty garter at the Dollar Store, for--what else-$1.00!

The only other accessory Bethany wore was a pretty pearl bracelet that the groom had purchased for her.

The Bottom Line for this Chic Bride Ensemble:  $205.94!!!!!!

Cost to the Bride: $24.95

Cheap but oh so very autumn chic :)

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