Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wedding Inspiration

My parents on their wedding day-July 30, 1961. Jennifer is going to frame an 8x10 of this photo for the reception table at her wedding.

I just love this photo--it keeps me grounded and reminds me in all our planning that simple and classic never goes out of style. I just love my mom's simple strapped short white dress, the string of pearls, the white pumps and my father's light blue suit. It was nothing but a pretty table with a cake made by the neighbor, flowers, pretty china and champagne in mix-and-match glasses. Classic and simple and oh-so-elegant!

So, Jenni's wedding will be on a bit larger of a scale, but I keep Mama and Papa's wedding in my mind and in my heart through all the craziness, because in the end, it won't really matter if we get the monogrammed cocktail napkins or if we have pretty parasols in the photos or even if it rains--as long as we have cake and champagne and friends and family, we will have a beautiful wedding day! Sometimes, a little perspective is the most important thing in planning a do-it-yourself wedding . . .

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