Friday, July 10, 2009

Be Our Guest!

We have so many fabulous surprises planned for the wedding, I shouldn't give them all away, but I just have to share this easy, fun and chic idea for a guest book! We created this online at Kodak Gallery! It was easy, fun and affordable! We chose orange (one of Jenni's colors; the other is yellow) and an assortment of her engagement photos (although using any assortment of couple photos would do), and only placed them on every other page leaving blank pages in between for the guests to express their wishes! Beneath each photo, Jenni and Jose came up with trivia captions that tell a story about them as a couple. I just love it! And we made it way back in the winter--in fact, it might have been the very first project we completed!

The card on the front of the book (with the starfish) is a card Jenni designed to match her invitations; it will have multiple uses throughout the wedding, but it was created specifically as an escort card. Each card will have the name of the guest and the name of the table they are seated at (each table is named for a seaside location in Rockport). The cards will be stuck in a tray of beach sand!

So, another secret shared! Shhhh . . . there's plenty more where that came from!

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