Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

So much to be grateful for this Easter!  So different from last Easter. Last Easter was spent with my entire family gathered in my mom's hospital room--little did we know then that she had only two more days with us.  I miss her dreadfully, and the spring certainly brings back all those painful and surreal days, but life has continued to give even as it has taken, and isn't that the true message of Easter?

Andrew just turned 6 months today, and such a little blessing he is!  I can't express the joy he brings to me every moment we are together! It is like the world stops and nothing but he and I matter.  And this one small moment--like when he looks into the face of his new Easter bunny with amazement, or sees red birds at the feeder for the first time, or notices a patch of buttery sunshine on the floor beside him that he just has to touch, or studies me with the greatest curiosity as I sip sparkling water from a plastic bottle.  How a baby can bring one back to all that matters most in this life!  I adore it--I adore him!  And how lucky am I to have another baby boy due any day!

I wish my mom were here to share these grandbabies with me--but something I can't explain, that finds itself in every moment we share, tells me she is.

Happy Easter to anyone out there who even reads this mom-of-the-bride gone grandma blog anymore!

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