Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby Belly Pix

This is Bethany at 38 weeks!  Jennifer took pix of her and Bob and the belly last Saturday (on a really beautiful afternoon) in Marblehead.  She had some beautiful naked belly shots but I didn't think Bethany would appreciate me posting them for the world to see (even tho they are very tasteful and amazing!)so I chose a more discrete photo of Beth and her beautiful belly to post for you.

She and Bob have been photo-journaling her pregnancy all along by taking their own belly photos every week, but it really is a nice thing to have someone photograph you as a couple when the due date is approaching.  Jenni took over 100 photos-many of Beth and Bob together, belly covered and uncovered, and some of Bethany alone.  They really are beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone!  Jenni got many of her ideas for poses from the internet-try

So, Bethany will be 39 weeks on Monday!  Woo hoo! I could be a grandma again any day now! I'll keep you posted!

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