Monday, October 19, 2009

DIY Wedding Bouquet

We did all the flowers for Bethany's wedding ourselves--one of the advantages of a small wedding.  Beth knew exactly what she wanted for her autumn bridal bouquet: bright yellow sunflowers, happy orange lilies and deep red roses.  She picked them up at the super market the night before for less than $20. and I made them into her bridal bouquet.
The only thing is, Beth forgot was the floral tape!  So we had to improvise and we used duct tape to hold the stems together.  I found a wide piece of ivory satin ribbon (which Beth also forgot) and we finished it off with some long pearl-topped floral pins.
Beth Jenn and I all had a good laugh over using the duct tape, and I'm sure we'll be laughing about it for years to come, but that's one of the best parts of DIY weddings--learning to just relax and go with what is! No one but us knew what was beneath that satin ribbon and the bouquet was gorgeous just the same! We trimmed the stem bottoms when we were done, then stuck the bouquet in a vase with just about 2" of  water overnight.

Bethany was happy with the end result and that is all that really mattered!

This is Bethany with her sister and Maid-of-Honor, Jenni, on the way to the ceremony.

Wedding bouquets can cost $100. and up, but by purchasing just the right flowers and knowing a few simple tricks of the trade (and having the right supplies!), you can really save some cash and still have that fabulous eye-catching bouquet!  Everyone loved Beth's flowers, and we did it ourselves for less than $20!

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  1. Well done clever lady. The colours are just beautiful.
    All the very best,