Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Autumn Wedding Menu

So this is a busy week!  It's my first week of being a grandmother (which is totally awesome btw) and I am having a wedding at my house in just 2 days!!!!  I am consumed with cleaning, decorating and preparing the food.

This is the menu.  I didn't list appetizers because I'm not certain on what we'll be having; the groom's mom is making a few and I don't know what she decided.  One thing I am preparing is a hot queso dip with pita chips, melba rounds and bread sticks.

The main course was easy--Beth and Bob wanted a roast.  I added the roast turkey breast when the guest list increased; I wanted to be sure we had enough food and it also gives people an option.  The turkey will be accompanied by cranberry sauce of course, and the roast beef by a horseradish-sour cream sauce.  I am having a heck of a time finding horse radish in a jar!  The search continues.

The Two-Potato au Gratin is a favorite in my house--I make it every Christmas!  It's this real pretty potato dish that alternates sliced white potatoes (Yukon Gold) with Sweet Poatatoes, and is baked with cream, monterey jack cheese, fresh thyme and pepper.  I promise, there will be no leftovers.

I opted out of doing a vegetable dish and decided instead on this substantial autumnal salad of red pears, grapes, pomegranate seeds and candied walnuts tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette.  It called for spiced almonds, but when I made them on Tuesday, I used hot sauce that had garlic in it and I absolutely despise garlic, so I decided I'd use the sweet candied walnuts I made for an appetizer instead.

I'm making a couple of these delicious pecan corn breads that I've been making for years--they are another crowd-pleaser!  They are made in a round cake pan and are super moist because they have buttermilk in the recipe. And  I'm making this sweet maple butter to go with the corn bread!

I can't wait to see the cake--it will be amazing I have no doubt.  Jenn Klopotoski is making it; she is the same girl who made Jenni's Shower cake and it was the best cake I ever tasted.  There will be two flavors--chocolate and vanilla, both with black raspberry filling.  Yum!  Bethany came by last weekend and made cookies--leaf-shaped molasses cookies and pumkin-shaped  sugar  cookies.

For beverages: champagne, wine, beer, Pelligrino sparkling water, coffee and hot apple cider.

I love the menu!  It will be served buffet style since we expect about 23 people or so.  Tomorrow, I'll make the poatoes and the corn breads; Saturday morning, I'll roast the beef and the turkey--and while the apps are being served, I'll toss the salad!  Easy, right?

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