Thursday, September 3, 2009

Whatever J Crew Can Do . . .

. . . I can do for less! I just love J Crew's classic timeless beauty in design. So when I found this $165. Sophia dress (far right) on sale last January at J Crew for $39.99 (plus shipping), I snatched it up in bright rhubarb! A bargain!

Of course I just had to pair it with the same chunky gold jewelry the models were wearing! Above photo:J Crew's bauble bracelet for $70.00. Below photo: My TWO bracelets for $62. on etsy! The gold bauble was $22. from AMIDesigns and the one-of-a-kind vintage bracelet was $40. from kd designs.

And of course the red strappy shoes! J Crew price: $198. My price: $54. at with free shipping!

Bottom Line:

J Crew Mom-of-Bride Ensemble: $503.00

My Mom-of-Bride Ensemble: $155.99


1 comment:

  1. i love that dress! it was a fantastic ensemble.