Saturday, July 10, 2010

Container No Brainer!

Few stores excite me like The Container Store does! I guess it's the fantasy of being completely organized, or of having that perfect place for everything or maybe it's just the limitless possibilities that shopping there holds!  Needless to say, it may even save the day when planning your wedding!  After all, everything at your wedding needs just the right holder, basket, box or jar!  Check out some of these finds!
These Eco-Fabric Market Totes for $19.99 might be just the thing to hold your Eco-Programs at your Eco-Wedding Ceremony!  Or Eco-Favors at your Eco-Bridal Shower!
Looking for a fun and unusual card box for your shower or wedding?  Try searching Office File, Storage and Closet categories for a huge assortment of boxes in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.This funky Desktop File is only $14.99 and it's Eco-Friendly, made of recycled fiberboard!

How about this pretty Baroque Box for $19.99?  It could hold pantyhose, nail files, pain reliever and hygiene products in the bathroom, or maybe you could fill it with hand-held paper fans for an outdoor ceremony, or perhaps it would make a great gift box for out-of-town guests.  Fill it with a bottle of wine, postcards and maps of the area and maybe some local chocolates!  This find was found under the Laundry category.

A popular idea at weddings today is the "Sweet Treat" Bar, a table with an assortment of jars filled with coordinated wedding colored candies.  This Glass Slant Jar is only $9.99!  Search under Kitchen's/Food Storage for a wide assortment of apothecary jars and other glass containers.

This tres chic Eco-Friendly Medallion Tote for just $8.99 might be the perfect Bride Tote to take along your personal needs from church to reception! Or why not buy one for each of your bridesmaids and fill it with fun individual gifts? This tote is 14 x 14, water resistant and 100% recyclable!

These are just a few of the many products available at The Container Store-there are thousands of other baskets, bins, totes and jars for you to browse through!  When I was planning Jenni's wedding last summer, this is the place I found the perfect Card Box for the reception!  And now Jenni has it as a Wedding Keepsake Box!  It's just one of my very favorite places I thought I would share!

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