Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pooh & Nature Nursery

This is my cute little Bethie at 28 weeks pregnant (she'll be 30 weeks tomorrow!)
This is the baby's room in progress.  They are doing a Classic Pooh theme (without overdoing it), together with a nature theme, hence the pretty tree done in white behind the baby's crib.  Bob did a beautiful job painting the whole tree freestyle-I just love it.

Beth registered for Classic Pooh bedding at Target, and a few other Pooh accents will be added into the decor, like a stuffed Pooh bear and maybe a few prints of Pooh raiding the honey tree. We also thought about hand-painting a famous Pooh quote on a wood sign-maybe the one about believing in yourself.

That said, we want Pooh to compliment the forest friend/nature theme, not make us sick! So we're trying to incorporate other things, like the cute honey bee mobile I found to hang above the changing table from from The Butterfly Grove--you know Pooh and his bee dilemma!  

Here is some art work I found browsing the web that might be fun:
LOVE LOVE LOVE this bright and colorful tree print from TRMack Studio on It is called "l'Ebero di Goia" which translates from Italian (both Beth and Bob are half Italian) to "Tree of Joy"! What a beautiful cheery print for baby to wake up to every day! 
Of course everyone knows by now how much I love owls, but owls are also a woodland creature, and a character in the Pooh stories. So what about this sweet owl print from udonchow on etsy? And it' titled "Sower of Dreams"! How perfect!
I've always loved this black and white Ansel Adams print titled "Oak Tree, Sunrise" and I think it would be perfect in the nursery. To me, it represents morning, birth, possibility, autonomy and strength. This 11 x 14 comes from and sells for $14.99 but I've seen it in several other sizes.  Wouldn't it pair nicely on the same wall as "The Sower of Dreams" one atop the other?
Also from, this 13 x 13 Swan Papel bluebird print for $12.99-wouldn't this be a nice compliment to the tree motif? There is also a this red bird if you like sets:

I won't bore you with my numerous other finds (have I mentioned how much I love are just some of my favorites-but you get the idea. I'm thinking fun, whimsical, colorful, nature and contemplative. I think the art work you put on your nursery wall should be a little more interesting than puffy letters that spell the child's name or little square quilt blocks printed with zoo animals? Why shouldn't we display art in the nursery that engages the baby, grabs their attention with color and wonderment, and stimulates their imagination and their ability to dream and envision?

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