Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Wedding Song

When the car (my brother's plum BMW) pulled up around the bandstand, the music started. I should tell you--this happened only by some divine intervention. We almost had no music. Our music (a total of 4 songs) were on an ipod. There are outlets at the bandstand that Jose and the best man went to check that morning--and found not working! So someone, some time that morning, called the police and they said they would "turn" the outlets on before 3:00. Our music girl, Amanda, arrived at 2:45 to find out they hadn't been. By some miracle, my brother's Jeep had some sort of electric hook up that his wife purchased to blow dry my niece's hair for some event!!! All that was needed was an extension cord, which we brought with us in the wedding car. What a different ceremony it would have been without this beautiful music. As beautiful as this music is by itself, the effect was enhanced even more by the ocean, the sky, and the beautiful bride.

Our driver (aka David) opened the front door for me first, then the back door for the Maid of Honor (Jenni's sister Bethany) and Bridesmaid (cousin Katharine)to step out in their pretty summer yellow dresses. The instrumental playing: Kenny G's "The Wedding Song". First Katharine walked the "aisle" and stood to wait for Bethany at the foot of the bandstand steps. Bethany started her slow walk when Katharine was almost at the steps. The two walked up onto the bandstand together. The music was timed perfectly. This song is just the most beautiful wedding song ever.

Click here to hear Kenny G's The Wedding Song on Youtube.

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