Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Menu

Here it is--the Menu! Jenni just completed the design (which is so perfect) and printed it yesterday! It's framed and will be hung on one of the patio posts near the food table.

I am making everything--EXCEPT, the fruit which will be ordered from Edible Arrangements; the rice which is the groom's mom's creation; and the Chicken Lemon which I've ordered from Espresso's, a great little Italian restaurant in Gloucester.

Yes, I am insane! I wanted the menu to reflect both cultures, to be somewhat "wedding-elegant" while also having a summer BBQ flare--that's not asking too much now, is it? So I created the menu myself and decided, rather than order food from several different places, to cook it myself too! I love to cook--though I must confess, it will be my first time cooking for 70 people!

The key is to keep the dishes simple, and to be super organized. You cannot write enough lists! I have a list for what I'm doing ever day of the week, and on Saturday and Sunday, the list is by the hour!

Below is a picture of last minute mini-cheesecakes I whipped up this morning. Yeah, I know, they are not listed on the menu, but I'll serve them with the cake, the cookies and the coffee. I am going to freeze them and fill them on Saturday; I haven't decided on a filling yet--either a tangy sour cream and sugar mix topped with toasted coconut, chocolatey nutella, lemon curd or raspberry preserves. Any preferences?

Ooooh, guess what? The forecast is looking sweet straight through Sunday! A quiet and hushed "hooray" . . .

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