Friday, August 28, 2009

If I Could Do It Again

Ok--so as with every special event you host, you know there are going to be things you miss, things you learn, things you regret or wish, in hind sight, you had done differently. I don't have a lot with Jenni and Jose's wedding, but I do have a few that stand out:

1-As I mentioned yesterday--no pictures of the food! This might seem a bit trivial unless you made all the food as I did. I really wish I had passed out lists to the people with cameras (because God knows I had no time to be Miss Snapshot)of things that were important to me to get photos of, because the food wasn't the only omission.

2-Besides the food, we neglected to get pictures of a)me with all my brothers, b)Jenn with all her cousins, c)Jenn with her siblings, d)Jenn with me and her siblings,e)Jenn, Nate & Beth with my father and f) a group photo of our extended family. Again, maybe having an informal "photo list" would have helped.

3-Moving on from my "no-photo" regrets, I also regret not moving table to table to meet Jose's family, chat with guests and thank people for coming. I know there really wasn't time, and Jenni & Jose did make these rounds, but I felt like I said good-bye to people that I had never even said hello to.

4-Another regret was not announcing a few things: a)that people were welcome to re-visit the buffet table, b)that the cake was on display in the upstairs dining room for viewing, c)that the bride and groom would be cutting the cake on the deck, (I heard many complaints from guests that they couldn't see, but I loved that they were up on the deck, away from everything) and d)that there were Italian Cookies and cheesecakes for dessert as well as cake and where they were. Sometimes guests at weddings need a little direction and I learned that its the role of an MC to provide this.

5-Lastly--I regret that I did not pass out the beautiful table roses to select people who deserved them, like Jess and Amanda and Sarah who were such a tremendous help and Kiley who did Jenn's gorgeous hair. I really would have liked them to go home with people and not just sit in my house until they spoiled.

So, as you can see, there are no MAJOR regrets, but just a few things that got overlooked, and no matter how many lists you make and how well-planned you think you are, there will always be a few things you'd like the chance to do over. The good news is nobody even noticed these small oversights on my part--they were all too busy being guests at a fantastic wedding!

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