Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wishes for the Guests!

Here they are! The shower favors! At last!

My first idea didn't turn out so good--it was making chocolate dragonflies-an idea I found online-using dragonfly cookie cutters and those chocolate wafers you melt. It was a dud--I tried 3 times-3 different methods and always, if they came out in one piece, they looked amateurish! I had a few different ideas in between, but ultimately decided to go with this homemade buttercrunch from our local candy store--Tuck's. Who doesn't like chocolate? And this buttery toffee, covered in chocolate and dipped in peanuts is delicious!

So, I love the way these came out--very pretty and chic. And the "wishes" for the bride idea gets carried over to the guests!

I found someone to bake my cake! Jenn has a friend Sarah who has a sister Jenn who bakes cakes! She's fabulous and she had just what I was looking for--lemon with black raspberry filling and buttercream frosting! And she'll make it just like the picture, 2 tier, with white flowers and my cute little yellow dragonfly on top! Perfect! Click here to see Jenn's web site!

I have just about finalized my menu! Look for it soon!

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