Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Apple Blossom Queen-for-the-Day

I've been looking everywhere for artificial flowers that at least resemble white apple blossoms! (white apple blossoms are part of the dragonfly shower invites which I sent out yesterday!) The idea: to drape them over the white Adirondack chair to give Jenni an elegant place of honor at her bridal shower. So . . . it has not been easy. Either the flowers look too artificial or they are not pliable enough. Then, yesterday Jenni and I were out and about buying dinner supplies for the wedding and we came across these beautiful leis in Goodwin's Party Store! They are just perfect! I'm thinking of cutting them and fastening them together so they make one long garland to run up the arms and across the chair back. I love it! I didn't think I'd ever find what I had envisioned. Sometimes, the only thing to do is let your imagination lead the way, and improvise, improvise, improvise!

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