Monday, April 6, 2009

A Dragonfly Shower

Mom is also hosting Jenni's Bridal Shower! (Woo-hoo! Lucky me!) It's going to be at the end of June, so we can have it on the deck and use the new sliders that will open into the dining room where I'll set up a luncheon, of tea sandwiches, salads, fruit slices, white wine and lemon water (still perfecting my menu). The idea is elegant, pretty and fun with lots of flowers, a fun music playlist and no silly games! So, I'm going with the dragonfly theme and I'm really loving it!

The Dragonfly is a great bridal shower theme because of its wonderful symbolism: dragonflies signify light and joy, transformation and growth, and all the beautiful things I wish for a daughter who is joining her life with another. Yes, I wish her love and happiness, but I also hope that she can maintain her sense of independence and individuality!

I found these beautiful nylon mesh dragonflies online at A Butterfly Store. I purchased three 4" x 5" yellow dragonflies to stick in vases with the flowers. I just love them--wish I could have bought more.

These are the fabulous tags I came up with for the favors! I purchased several dragonfly cookie cutters online from American Tradition Cookie Cutters for 90 cents a piece to make chocolate candy dragonflies (for how directions click here), which will be placed inside cellophane bags and tied with this pretty white polka-dotted chiffon ribbon, purchased online at The Papermart, and these cute yellow tags.

The tags pick up on the theme of "wishes" with print and paste letters that spell out words like "peace" and "joy" and "love" to name just a few. The dragonfly punch was purchased at Michael's Craft Store for about $10., and the tags are cut from cardstock also purchased at the craft store. Bonus: the punched out dragonflies double as confetti!

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